STOPP in Iowa and Nebraska

This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2016-09-21

STOPP International’s founder, Jim Sedlak, recently returned from a speaking tour of two cities in Iowa (Council Bluffs and Clarinda) and another talk in Omaha, Nebraska. People in these cities are actively trying to block horrible “evidence based” sexuality education programs from being forced on their children.

What Jim found was a group of motivated individuals who are already taking action. Jim’s talks were all highly energized and well attended, with many pastors joining their congregations at the various meetings. Jim explained the background of these programs and their connections to the humanist religion. Attendees, who are already working hard against the programs, told Jim that the information inspired them to work even harder to protect their children.

The depth of the opposition to these sex programs in the schools was seen a number of weeks ago when the Omaha Public Schools scheduled what they expected to be a routine parent information and comment session. However, over 1,600 people showed up to express their opposition. The school board was shocked and now knows that parents in Omaha will not sit back and abandon their children to the false teachings of secular humanism.

This trip was an inspiration not only to those who attended, but to Jim himself. “To meet with so many parents and their spiritual leaders who are already working hard to protect their children was an incredible experience,” said Jim. “It has renewed my strength and I’m ready to travel anywhere and talk to anyone in an effort to save all our children from the abuse that these sex programs heap upon them.”

To invite Jim to speak in your town, e-mail Mike Sedlak at

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