Stop Planned Parenthood in SW Iowa

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church
24116 Marian Ave
Glenwood, Iowa 51534
Date: Dec. 11th, 2016defundpp2

Start Time: 4:00pm

You are invited to this FREE Community Event sponsored by the local civic group, Heartland for Family Values* Speaker Jenifer Bowen is Founder & President of Life Right Action, a life-driven political advocacy group, serves as Spokeswoman/Media Consultant for Iowa Right to Life, is the former CEO of IRTL & serves on the board of directors for “And Then There Were None”, a national ministry which has provided support in the past 4 years to nearly 300 abortion workers wishing to leave the industry
Heartland for Family Values was born in SW Iowa out of deep concern over the entrance of Planned Parenthood into local public schools through its newly named TPPI (Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative). TPPI is being facilitated in 4 counties in SW Iowa (Page, Mills, Pott & Woodbury) and 2 in SE Nebraska through a $5 million government grant that was given to Planned Parenthood.
Sponsor: Heartland for Family Values
Other Website:
Contact: Rod Goodemote
Phone: 712-621-4360

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