The moral decline in America is making alarming inroads into Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri.  Many of us see this trend and believe that we need to act now to reverse the damage already done and lay a ground work for Christian activism. Heartland for Family Values intends to be in the public square to turn back this negative tide eroding our freedom and religious liberties.

We are a group of over 150 members, community and religious leaders from across the midwest who are deeply concerned with the blatant, orchestrated effort to strip virtue from our society, disrupt the family and promote a society of sex—particularly within the hearts of our children. Comprehensive Sex Education, or CSE, whether purposeful or not, does just that.

What is Comprehensive Sex Education?

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) takes sex education to a whole new level. The biggest promoter of CSE as well as the biggest servicer for CSE curriculum resources is Planned Parenthood.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, Comprehensive Sex Education is better than abstinence-based programs because it includes broader topics like “sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and sexual pleasure; stating that “Ideally, sex education in school is an integrated process that builds upon itself year after year, is initiated in kindergarten, and is provided through grade 12.”

CSE is full of pornographic content promoting homosexual lifestyles, masturbation, and sexually graphic images.

CSE doesn’t educate children on sex, it promotes it—in every form. CSE doesn’t talk about intimacy or marriage. It doesn’t teach kids about heathy, sustainable relationships, respect for our bodies, or the importance of communication outside of sex. It just promotes the act of sex. CSE strips all beauty and intimacy from sex and degrades it to a bodily function of self-gratification.