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40 Days For Life

The words came from a frustrated Planned Parenthood manager, who walked out of her Council Bluffs, Iowa office at the end of the day and saw people outside praying.

“Don’t you people ever stop?”

One of the Council Bluffs vigil coordinators called it a day of “driving rain and driven moms.” It was cold and wet … with lots of wind. But the prayers were unceasing.

The unspoken response to the Planned Parenthood manager’s question was, “Yes — but only when the killing of the innocent stops.”

  • image-10-15-16-at-2-28-pmPlanned Parenthood marks its 100th anniversary tomorrow. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the 40 Days for Life podcast about the dark history of the organization and its founder, Margaret Sanger, you can find it here:

PODCAST #41: Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s 100th

The day got off to a fantastic start with the 40 Days for Life UNITED rally in downtown Chicago, across from a large Family Planning Associates abortion facility.
The sunshine warmed up the cool autumn air as a crowd of local prayer volunteers celebrated the recent closure of another Chicago-area abortion center, where 40 Days for Life was previously held.

Numerous speakers encouraged attendees to keep praying and working … to see even more abortion centers shut down.
We’ve seen abortion supporters resort to some pretty silly tactics in response to the UNITED tour, but it was particularly amusing to see a bald, bearded man in Milwaukee carrying a sign reading “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and trying to interrupt our speakers.

More than 70 campaign participants heard from 40 Days for Life board member Tibor Baksy and Pro-Life Wisconsin state director Dan Miller, who saw hundreds of lives saved from abortion during his tenure as the 40 Days for Life leader in Milwaukee.
It was an exciting homecoming in Madison, Wisconsin … in front of the Planned Parenthood center where I used to lead the 40 Days for Life campaign.

At 6’7″, Dan Miller is the tallest speaker we’ve had on the tour. Dan was followed by the smallest — my 9-year-old son Peter, who talked about the importance of holding vigil — even when it’s hard. A long-time friend of 40 Days for Life, Bishop Robert Morlino, closed the evening with powerful remarks on civic engagement.
We’re now heading to Minnesota and North Dakota!
TODAY! Friday, October 14

12:00 PM — St. Paul, MN (United rally)
2:45 PM — St. Cloud, MN
6:30 PM — Fargo, ND (United rally)
Saturday, October 15

9:00 AM — Sioux Falls, SD (United rally)
11:45 AM — Sioux City, IA
6:30 PM — Iowa City, IA (United rally)
Sunday, October 16

12:00 PM — Bellevue, NE (United rally)
See all upcoming tour stops at: 40daysunited.com
Ann Arbor, Michigan
She is ten weeks pregnant and came for an abortion. When she saw the ultrasound, she decided to keep the baby … [more]
Vukovar, Croatia
The 40 Days for Life campaigns in Croatia must be making an impact — there have been hostile media reports lately … [more]
And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

–Genesis 2:7

Lord, we are yours. Thank you for breathing into us the breath of life. Thank you for claiming us as your own. May our words and actions in defense of human life proclaim to all the world that you alone are Lord of life and death, Lord of our freedom and of our choices.

See today’s full devotional

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Page County Park Board Approves Condom Machines?? It’s interesting they call them Public Health Dispensers because they can’t even say the word Condom!


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Target: A scary place for women and children?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Dear Rod,

As the month of October rolls on, some consider it a pretty scary time – especially at Target, where a frightening restroom and fitting room policy continues to put women and children at risk.

Since the spring, AFA has been encouraging shoppers to #BoycottTarget after the retailer publicized its dangerous and controversial restroom and fitting room policy – one that alienated families, along with more than 1.4 million shoppers who have signed the pledge. And since the boycott began, the news has not been good for Target, especially after the corporation announced dismal second-quarter earnings. Likewise, Target stock has dropped to 68.41, a decrease of more than 18 percent since April 19, when the stock closed at 83.98.

While the American Family Association and our values are in line with celebrating harvest-style festivals rather than Halloween, we realize that many American shoppers will be spending a great deal of money this month on decorating, party and treat items.

The one-million mark for the #BoycottTarget signatures was significant, and Target took note but did nothing to protect women and girls in their restrooms and fitting rooms. Now, AFA is encouraging those who haven’t yet signed the pledge so we can reach 1.5 million – and perhaps Target will finally respond to these growing numbers since their revenues and foot traffic have declined nationwide.

As we have stated many times, our worries do not stem from fear of the transgender community, but rather, from both the real and potential threat that predators and voyeurs, or anyone with evil intentions, would take advantage of the Target bathroom policy to harm women and children – and we have plenty of incidents to show that they have.

In a recent Action Alert to its more than one million friends and supporters, AFA outlined just 10 examples that show why Target should immediately rescind its dangerous policy and keep men out of women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

As frightening incidents at Target stores continue, AFA is asking shoppers to take action in several ways this month:

  • Sign the #BoycottTarget pledge. Encourage family and friends to sign the pledge, too, as boycott numbers climb to 1.5 million.
  • Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.
  • Call Target to politely let its executives know you’ve signed the #BoycottTarget pledge – Guest Relations, (800) 440-0680, option 1, then 1 again.
  • Share the boycott information on social media and be sure to use #BoycottTarget.
  • Visit afa.net/target for more tools and information on the #BoycottTarget initiative.

Sign the Pledge NOW!

If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation. The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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Comfort By Candlelight-Shenandoah, IA

February 9, 2017

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Presented by Heartland for Family Values

Thursday : 7pm (Doors open at 6:15 pm)


February 9, 2017 
Event Category:


Shenandoah High School 
1000 Mustand Dr
Shenandoah, IA 51601 United States 
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STOPP in Iowa and Nebraska

This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2016-09-21

STOPP International’s founder, Jim Sedlak, recently returned from a speaking tour of two cities in Iowa (Council Bluffs and Clarinda) and another talk in Omaha, Nebraska. People in these cities are actively trying to block horrible “evidence based” sexuality education programs from being forced on their children.

What Jim found was a group of motivated individuals who are already taking action. Jim’s talks were all highly energized and well attended, with many pastors joining their congregations at the various meetings. Jim explained the background of these programs and their connections to the humanist religion. Attendees, who are already working hard against the programs, told Jim that the information inspired them to work even harder to protect their children.

The depth of the opposition to these sex programs in the schools was seen a number of weeks ago when the Omaha Public Schools scheduled what they expected to be a routine parent information and comment session. However, over 1,600 people showed up to express their opposition. The school board was shocked and now knows that parents in Omaha will not sit back and abandon their children to the false teachings of secular humanism.

This trip was an inspiration not only to those who attended, but to Jim himself. “To meet with so many parents and their spiritual leaders who are already working hard to protect their children was an incredible experience,” said Jim. “It has renewed my strength and I’m ready to travel anywhere and talk to anyone in an effort to save all our children from the abuse that these sex programs heap upon them.”

To invite Jim to speak in your town, e-mail Mike Sedlak at msedlak@all.org.

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Jim Sedlak Speaks in Clarinda, Council Bluffs and Omaha

Planned Parenthood Expert Spoke in Clarinda

They get paid up to $1,500 per abortion*, so Planned Parenthood wants to normalize abortion and sex outside of marriage. They also promote deviant sexual behavior. Their goal is to come between the parent and the student.
That’s according to Jim Sedlak, M.S., Executive Director of American Life League and founder of STOPP INTERNATIONAL (Stop Planned Parenthood). Known worldwide as an expert on Planned Parenthood, Sedlak is a regular guest on TV and radio shows. He spoke in Clarinda on Thursday, Sept. 15 to a full-house audience of 120 at St. Paul Lutheran Church.
One of his main points was that Planned Parenthood constantly has to replace its customers, which is why they target schools. PP gets paid to teach sex education in schools, they get paid to supply birth control pills, and when the birth control fails, they make even more money on abortions. Do you know who pays Planned Parenthood? You do, through your tax dollars.
Sedlak was brought to town by Heartland for Family Values, a local group. If you would like to learn more about how you can protect your children and grandchildren visit heartlandforfamilyvalues.org.



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